Leo Vegas

Case Study

LeoVegas Cashes In with Carousel Video Ads to Instagram Audiences

  • 29% decrease in cost per registration
  • 10% decrease in cost per video
  • LeoVegas, the King of Mobile Casino, Cashes In with Carousel Video Ads to Instagram Audiences

    LeoVegas is the world’s fastest growing mobile gaming operator. Offering over 700 games across Casino, Live Casino, Slots, and most recently Sports Betting to an ever increasing number of international markets. When Facebook released a new advert format in the form of Carousel Video Ads, LeoVegas was keen to test performance of the additional real estate by presenting a selection of games found in the Welcome Offer.

  • Early Instagram Adopters See Success with Video Ads

    LeoVegas had been using Facebook advertising for a number of years for various campaigns and had seen positive results. To stay ahead of the curve of the latest ad types available, LeoVegas turned to Video Carousel Ads to highlight their wide selection of games in one ad.

  • Carousel Format for Optimal Performance

    To ensure the best possible results on Instagram, LeoVegas first conducted tests of Video Ads on Facebook to establish some baseline KPIs.  They then tested Instagram with a limited budget and slowly scaled up spend based on positive results. The Video Carousel format allowed LeoVegas to auto-optimize delivery to the game creative with the highest level of engagement, lowering the costs across the board when compared to video carousel adverts on Facebook. Marin’s bulk creation and edition tool for ads with the Carousel format saved time in setting up and previewing campaigns.

“Using the experience and support of the Marin Social account team a strategy was formed that would enable us to test against a variety of different Custom Audiences and devices, using different creatives and messaging to different demographics. Thanks to the Campaign Duplication and Bulk-Editing features what would normally be a manual and time-consuming process was possible in a fraction of the time.”

– Oliver Przybylski / Social Acquisition Manager UK, Leo Vegas

  • Results

    The campaign can be deemed a success based on some of the results it achieved. Besides the time saved through the efficiency of using carousel bulk creation and editing, the video carousel advert campaign on Instagram, managed to lower the costs across the board when compared to video carousel adverts on Facebook. 44% decrease in cost per first time depositing player

    • 40% higher CTR (compared to PPLA campaigns)
    • 21% less CP signup (compared to PPLA campaigns)
    • 20% under CPA target
    • Time savings