Case Study

FIAT Motors Maximizes Lead Generation With Search Intent Audiences On Facebook

  • Search intent audiences were divided into three groups SUV, SPV, and SV vehicles to target people who queried related terms on Google across Facebook’s ad network
  • To scale delivery, prospecting audiences were created with Search Intent lookalikes with Flexible exclusion targeting of their existing customer base layered in to accurately measure performance
  • Marin’s mass editor tool allowed for quick configuration of search intent audiences mapped to unique ad sets and creative
  • About FIAT

    Fiat Motors, the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy, leveraged search intent audience targeting in Marin to scale their cross-channel lead generation initiatives across both Google and Facebook. Fiat’s primary objective was to generate leads through requests of brochures, test drives, and automobile quotes to both their existing customer base and prospects.

  • Finding "In-The-Market" Audiences

    Fiat was looking for new ways to drive cost effective lead generation through paid social advertising on par with the performance they were seeing from their paid search campaigns. They had predominantly viewed paid social as a top-of-the-funnel awareness driver and wanted to test more direct response strategies to audiences with high purchase intent.

  • Search Intent for Cross-Channel Lead Generation

    In order to increase the volume of conversions and to reduce the overall cost per lead, Fiat took advantage of Marin Software’s search intent audience creation feature. The strategy was based on the creation of relevant groups of keywords that people were searching for to capture high intent audience segments on social that would be dynamically remarketed to with unique creative.

  • The Results

    After seeing such strong cross-channel results, Maxus is planning to implement search intent targeting across different Fiat car models and will include this strategy for other brands such as Jeep.

    • 30.5% decrease in cost per lead performance when comparing broad Facebook audience targeting to search intent segments
    • 77.3% decrease in overall cost per lead over 3 month period when leveraging Marin for both Search and Social
    • 132% increase in conversions month over month while meeting CPA goal